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What a Crumb

This month I celebrated the 3-year anniversary of one of the most exciting things that ever happened to me, going onstage with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark to tell a "Hometown Murder" at the My Favorite Murder Podcast live show in Milwaukee. This is the event that started the idea for my podcast. Here's what happened (the short version, lol):

  • Became a fan of My Favorite Murder Podcast, thanks to my students

  • Got an amazing seat for live show, like 5th row center (yes I attended alone, though my students were also there, sitting in another section)

  • Based on amazing seat, decide that I could get called up onstage to tell a hometown murder and start researching local murders

  • Plan my outfit (duh) so that I will stand out and Georgia will see me, which includes a bedazzled Deseguel denim jacket

  • Practice telling hometown murder story for weeks

  • Attend the show

  • Patiently sit through Karen and Georgia's murder stories

  • Excitedly raise my hand when the lights go up, so that when Georgia approaches the audience, she spots me, and says "You, you with the vest" (the jacket had knit sleeves and looked like a vest)

  • Go up onstage and start to tell my story

  • Say something ghastly about the murderer, and when the audience gasps, I reply, "I know, what a crumb"

  • Look puzzled when the audience won't stop laughing, only to see that Karen is laughing and says, "Yes, what a fucking crumb". I've made Karen Kilgariff laugh!

  • Spend the weekend receiving hundreds of compliments on social media about my storytelling abilities

  • Head gets so big it barely fits through the door

  • Discover that Karen and Georgia proceed to talk about me at their next live show in Minnesota, and when they record their next show back in LA. They literally tell the story of Stacey from Milwaukee and how I said, "What a crumb"!

  • Decide it's time to start a podcast, The SH*T That Happens to Me!

Other highlights of the month

  • A lovely Mother's Day hosted by kids

  • Beauty and the Beast at The Milwaukee Ballet

  • Saw 2 films at the Milwaukee Film Festival, one of which, A Life on the Farm, won the Cream City Cinema Jury Award! I will actually have the pleasure of interviewing the director, Oscar Harding, for the podcast next month!

This month on The SH*T That Happens to Me Podcast:

Episode 69 (6/14/22) Choppergate with local television and radio personality Vince Vitrano, to hear about all of the trouble he caused while working as a reporter for a news program!

Episode 70 (6/28/22) $700 Brunch with radio DJ Andy “Riggs” Riggle to talk about an expensive Mother’s Day brunch, family drama and mental health!

That's all for now! Take care, and DON'T BE A CRUMB!

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