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Murder in Morton Grove - A True Crime Podcast

I did a thing

I agreed to do a true crime podcast

I never thought I would do a true crime podcast. Don't get me wrong, I am fascinated by all things murder and true crime. I have spent countless hours watching, reading, listening to and talking about true crime.

But consuming true crime and creating it are totally different. Creating true crime media can be tricky, messy, and a huge responsibility. You can get it wrong, not do your homework, overlook important details, accuse people of things that they didn't do, get sued, ruin lives, become a victim... The risks were too high for my mostly risk-aversive lifestyle.

Then I met Julie Lokun, organizer of Cre8tiveCon, a conference made up of briliant and creative people sharing their craft. She and I hit it off immediately and one of our shared passions was true crime. I told her about the story that defined my senior year of high school, the slaying of my Niles West High School classmates, Sue Ovington and Eyvonne Bender. And at that moment it became clear that I had to tell their story. I had to use my voice to help raise awareness of their yet unsolved murders. That was the day this podcast was born.

I am truly humbled by the opportunity to tell this story. I feel the weight and responsibility of the task. This is will not be a true crime comedy podcast. This is not be a giggly re-telling of scary stories around a campfire. These were real people with friends and family, many of whom are still alive, still grieving, still waiting for answers and arrests. Julie and I will do our best to gather the information, sift through the evidence, and present the story in the most respectful way possible. We will leave no stone unturned in our quest for the truth and Justice for Sue and Eyvonne.

Coming this September, to mark the 45th anniversary of their tragic deaths, Murder in Morton Grove...

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