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More about Stacey

Media Personality:
Arts &
Entertainment Psychology

  • Analyzes the intersection of psychology and entertainment

  • Applies psychological principles and theories to interpret entertainment media

    • Portrayal of characters

    • Storytelling techniques

    • Themes

  • Other topics may include

    • The representation of mental health issues in media

    • The impact of celebrity culture on individual self esteem and identity formation

    • The effects of violent or explicit content

    • The fascination with true crime

Clinical Psychologist

  • PhD from Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago IL

  • More than 30 years clinical practice experience

    • Areas of expertise include eating and body image disorders, depression, anxiety and relationships

    • Nye Psychotherapy

  • Director, UWM Psychology Clinic

    • Clinical Professor, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

    • UWM Profile

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