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The Sh*ttiest (CW: dog death)

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Sometimes the SH*T that happens to me is the sh*ttiest! Just one week after Lucy's 13th birthday (pictured below in her Tallis at her "Bark-Mitzvah"), we had to euthanize her. She collapsed on Tuesday and on Thursday we learned she had a mass growing on her adrenal gland, encroaching into her blood vessels. Surgery would have been risky and only prolong her life a couple of months. There was really no choice. She was neurotic as all get out, but she loved us fiercely and we in return.

Now the house is so quiet. No more barking (during a recording) at the neighbor's dog, the UPS driver, the dishwasher or garbage disposal. We can now rehang the toilet paper on the rolls and safely leave paper napkins on our lap (Lucy loved to eat paper). But we are all heartbroken and moping around the house, including Raphael. He has never known life without her, and doesn't know what to do with himself. She was his constant companion.

Miss you forever my sweet Lucy Lu...

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