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Wedding Bells

So, this happened...

Zak and Alice got married on August 21, and it was amazing! We had 4 wonderful days of celebration.

It all started with, you guessed it, a Milwaukee Brewers baseball game! We had a big family tailgate and a visit from the famous racing sausages! They are huge!!

Then a blessing on Friday, rehearsal on Saturday, and the big event on Sunday!

I spent a fun morning with the girls getting hair and makeup. And then what seemed like 5 minutes later Zak and Alice were walking down the aisle, we were dancing the horah, and then everyone was saying goodbye. What a whirlwind! There's a new Mrs. Nye in town, and she's my daughter-in-law!

The following weekend my niece Becca got engaged to Matt (episode #24, 27 Page Itinerary). Aren't they cute?! I bet you didn't know that he was nearly an entire person taller than her!

Then yesterday Steve had a birthday! More celebrating at American Family Field!

All in all I'd say it's been a great month!

This month on The SH*T That Happens to Me Podcast...

If you listened to episode 74 then you already heard the big announcement... SH*T will be taking a brief hiatus because I'll be too busy doing another podcast! Psychoanalyzing the Patient!

My cohost Lindsay Jones (episode #58, A Magnet for Chaos) and I will play armchair psychologist for the new FX/Hulu psychological thriller, The Patient, starring Steve Carell and Domhnall Gleeson. Each episode we will try to uncover each character's dynamics by talking to experts in the field of psychology as well as members of the cast and crew!

The first two episodes of the Hulu show were released August 30th, so check those out ASAP. Then tune into Psychoanalyzing the Patient starting September 6, and each Tuesday after that for the next 9 weeks! You'll find the first two episodes where you find The SH*T That Happens to Me, and then I'll share the new link.

SH*T will return in November with more crazy stories! So don't go too far!


That's all for now! Take care, and DON'T BE A CRUMB!

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