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Psychoanalyzing The Patient

Do you miss me?

I hope not; I hope you've been following the new podcast, Psychoanalyzing The Patient, because there you get me every Tuesday! If you haven't listened yet, check it out here:

The podcast is a companion to the new Fx/Hulu show The Patient, based on serial killer Sam (played by Domhnall Gleeson) who holds his therapist Alan (played by Steve Carell) hostage until he cures him. As of this post, we have interviewed 2 psychologists, and 2 cast members (Linda Emond who plays Sam's mom, Candace and Laura Niemi, who plays Alan's wife Beth)! Coming soon are interviews with forensic criminologist Laura Pettler and 2 members of the crew (Emmy award winners Nathan Barr and James David Redding III).

You may recognize my cohost, Lindsay Jones. He was a guest on The SH*T That Happens to Me, episode 58, A Magnet for Chaos. Despite the serious subject matter, there is still plenty of banter! And if you haven't yet watched The Patient, you should totally check it out! It's super dark, so totally my thing, but if that's not yours, consider yourself warned!

Speaking of dark, I was recently interviewed by a local new station on our fascination with true crime, mostly in reference to the new Netflix show Monster:The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. Here's the interview. It's fairly brief, with more written in the article. If you look behind me you'll see Raphael in his usual spot on the chair. At least one of us can be famous!

I'll be attending my 42nd High School Reunion (that makes me how old??) this coming weekend, so I'll tell you all about all of the SH*T that happens there in the next post! Would it be creepy if I secretly recorded everyone?

Should I secretly record my classmates during the reunion?

  • DO IT!!!!

  • No, don't be a crumb!

I actually volunteered to emcee the event, and while you might be wondering what I won't do for attention, I think it will be loads of fun!

That's all for now. I've been up to my eyeballs between work, work and the new pod. I'll catch you next time!


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