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Psych & Sound Media specializes in comedy, entertainment and mystery podcasts. Many of our shows are companion podcasts that go behind the scenes, revealing how the shows are made, the motivations and psychological makeup of the characters, and how the music, score and sound enhance the viewing for the audience.

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Meet Stacey & Lindsay


Stacey Nye Podcast host and creator
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Stacey Nye is a clinical psychologist with more than 30 years clinical practice experience. She is also an expert in arts and entertainment psychology, analyzing the intersection of psychology and entertainment. She has been interviewed numerous times in the media on the psychology of our fascination with horror and true crime. 



Lindsay Jones is a Tony Award-nominated composer and sound designer, whose work has been heard in Oscar-winning films, on and off Broadway, television shows and commercials, as well as theaters around the world. He is also a storyteller and solo performer, with his live performance show Get Hot Or Get Out premiering soon! 

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